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I’m a trilingual, first-generation NYC-native. A proud product of Romania meets Curação. I’m also a Columbia University-trained landscape designer, who ended up in Cuba managing Havana’s 1st independent urban music label and producing a variety of music-related audiovisual projects. I bet I can put you on to some dope music you've never heard of, and you’d probably be impressed with my ability to parallel-park a 17' landscaping box truck in Manhattan. 


Life unfolded in unexpected ways, and despite majoring in cultural anthropology at Wesleyan University, I ended up becoming a self-taught entrepreneur and taking over my family business at the age of 23. A Goldman Sachs accelerated MBA program helped me grow the business and eventually sell it six years later, leaving me with important business development, management and strategy skills that I’ve carried with me throughout my professional career. ​

At 38 years around the sun, I feel I’ve already lived several lives across several continents, and have a portfolio of albums, music videos and cultural reporting that I’m proud to have been a part of. I've conducted business in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and I am now back in NYC after a 6 year hiatus. 

Today, I am  a passionate advocate for independent artists and the democratization of the music industry, and my focus remains on empowering independent musicians and providing them with the resources they need to create their own success. 


Music has allowed me to combine my past experience with my creative passions, and I’m now using my unique skillset to help other musicians achieve their goals.  I'm thrilled to be part of a movement of music makers helping to build a more equitable and sustainable music industry  and I'm excited to see where my journey will take me next!

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